Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hailey Renie

Where does mommy even begin!

I have decided to get this little blog here going for you because we have been SUPER busy and mommy wants to make sure that I'm able to update everyone on how you are doing and all your little accomplishments! Not to mention we can print this out later down the road and be able to look back on it.

We have just moved from daddy's base in 29 Palms, California to daddy's new base in New River, North Carolina. We are currently living in an apartment waiting to get a house on base. You really like it here, you call it our home all the time and correct us if we call it our house. Right now Nicky and you are sharing a room however its pretty big and you both seem to be liking it. At this very moment you and your brother on jumping on the couch watching a show on NickJr called "Olivia". You are such a great big sister, Nicky follows every move you make and you love making him laugh.

Christmas is just a few days away and Hailey dear you couldn't be more excited! You have seen Santa twice now and have asked him for a dollhouse with babies (little do you know mommy and daddy have it hiding in the laundry room and your baby in our closet). This will be our first Christmas as a family of 4. Daddy was gone last year in Afghanistan, so this Christmas is special to us all.

Well sweetheart it's about time for mommy to get lunch going for you kiddos! I just wanted to explain a little bit before I started this blog! I will try my best to update once a week if not more as you become a young lady.

 We Love You NayNay

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